Voice4Israel Secures a Victory Against Anti-Israel Bias in the Media


Voice4Israel proudly announces that our quick advocacy produced an important victory against anti-Israel bias in the media. On June 2, the venerable publication Scientific American published an anti-Israel propaganda opinion piece on its website titled, “As Health Care Workers, We Stand in Solidarity with Palestine.” The article was authored by a group of physicians and … Read more

Reject Peter Beinart’s Prescription for Violence

Peter Reitzes

Reject Peter Beinart’s Prescription for Violence By Peter Reitzes In a widely read New York Times op-ed titled I No Longer Believe in a Jewish State, Peter Beinart recently called for the elimination of Israel as a Jewish state. Beinart’s arguments to eliminate Israel have been easily refuted by luminaries such as Rabbi Daniel Gordis … Read more

Zoom Panel: Addressing Campus Anti-Israel Activity was a Huge Success


Voice4Israel’s First Zoom Event was a Huge Success On April 30th, 2020 Voice4Israel hosted our first Zoom event. It reached maximum capacity well beforehand and was a huge success!  We heard from a panel including Max Cherman, a senior at Duke University, Dr. Tammi Rossman-Benjamin, the Founder and Director of AMCHA Initiative, Joel Bond, Assistant … Read more

Being Visibly Jewish Supports Other Religious Minorities


Non-Jewish allies displayed the Star of David in support of JewishAndProud. Being Visibly Jewish Supports Other Religious Minorities By Peter Reitzes When I began working in a North Carolina public school eight years ago, I was the only Jewish staff member in the building. On Sunday January 5, the last day of my school’s holiday … Read more

How Innocent Children Learn Blood Libels and Antisemitism

During a Chanukah celebration in late 2019 in Monsey, NY, a rabbi’s house was invaded and five Jews were stabbed. 71 year-old Josef Neumann is one of the stabbing victims. Neumann was severely wounded and may never regain consciousness. Neuman’s family issued a statement concluding: “We urge fellow Jews across the United States and around … Read more

Executive Order Identifies Jewish Americans as a Protected Group


Voice4Israel Supports Jews as Protected Group On December 12, Voice4Israel sent out a widely read newsletter which featured and embraced the Anti-Defamation Leagues’s press release titled ADL welcomes new Executive Order to combat anti-Semitism on campus. A Voice4Israel subscriber wrote us to ask: “Is this really a good thing? I am absolutely 1000% supportive of ending … Read more

JVP Endorses Antisemitism

Israel, Durham City Council, Israel Resolution

Earlier this month, Voice4Israel published a statement explaining how the boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement opposes the very existence of Israel. Now we have learned that the Triangle North Carolina chapter of the Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), true to its BDS mission of abolishing Israel, recently promoted the “Miko Peled NC Tour” on … Read more