Voice4Israel Secures a Victory Against Anti-Israel Bias in the Media


Voice4Israel proudly announces that our quick advocacy produced an important victory against anti-Israel bias in the media.

On June 2, the venerable publication Scientific American published an anti-Israel propaganda opinion piece on its website titled, “As Health Care Workers, We Stand in Solidarity with Palestine.” The article was authored by a group of physicians and medical students.

In publishing the piece, Scientific American editors ignored editorial standards for fact checking while leaving out easily verifiable information that would have undermined the authors’ biased attacks on Israel.

Voice4Israel board members Drs. Stanley Robboy and Robert Gutman promptly sought to craft a response in partnership with former Duke University Chairman of Radiation Oncology, Dr. Edward Halperin, now Chancellor/CEO of New York Medical College. In a letter signed by over 106 scientists and physicians – including three Nobel laureates; university trustees; college and university presidents, chancellors, and provosts; and many professors – the authors explained why a journal devoted to science should not publish one-sided political indoctrination that ignores scholarly standards, evidence, and reason.

Within a few hours Stanley Robboy received a response from Scientific American’s editor-in-chief stating “We have removed the article,” we are “revising our internal review processes,” and we are considering steps “to prevent a repetition of this error by the magazine.”

Scientific American has removed the biased column against Israel and replaced it with an editor’s note that reads, “This article fell outside the scope of Scientific American and has been removed.”

Utilizing Google’s web cache feature which is essentially a memory of recent internet content, you should be able to read the anti-Israel column here in full before it soon disappears from the internet.

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