Daniel Gordis: The Treason of Peter Beinart

Daniel Gordis

Rabbi Daniel Gordis Rabbi Daniel Gordis Refutes Beinart Peter Beinart recently wrote a column in the New York Times calling for the end of Israel as a Jewish state. Our friend Rabbi Daniel Gordis has taken to various media platforms to explain why Beinart’s argument is treasonous to the Jewish people. In his detailed column … Read more

Deal of the Century?

Michael Oren, Voice4Israel

The Most Realistic Peace Plan Since 1993 The Two Nice Jewish Boys podcast, in collaboration with the Jewish Journal, interviewed Dr. Michael Oren about the newly released White House peace plan. Oren, a former member of the Israeli Knesset and Israeli Ambassador to the United States, is a well-respected historian who has been intimately involved … Read more

May There Be Peace in Israel and the Middle East

Einat Wilf

Dr. Einat Wilf Non-Partisan Love of Israel Voice4Israel advocates love and support of Israel whether it comes from Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Progressives, or others. Voice4Israel is non-partisan. We look forward to Israel and the future state of the Palestinians living side-by-side — in peace, prosperity, and dignity in what may best described as a harmonious, … Read more