May There Be Peace in Israel and the Middle East

Einat Wilf
Dr. Einat Wilf

Non-Partisan Love of Israel

Voice4Israel advocates love and support of Israel whether it comes from Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Progressives, or others. Voice4Israel is non-partisan. We look forward to Israel and the future state of the Palestinians living side-by-side — in peace, prosperity, and dignity in what may best described as a harmonious, functional, two-state solution. Towards this end, we applaud the positive, but not perfect, White House plan that advances the path towards peace.

Much has already been said and written about this peace plan. Much has been biased against Israel; some reports have been uninformed and misleading. 

We are pleased the American Jewish Committee (AJC), together with the Times of Israel, co-published a non-partisan conversation in the form of a podcast about this important peace plan. Voice4Israel is sharing the podcast audio and a brief summary of this conversation below; We acknowledge this represents only one piece of a complicated conversation.

Dr. Einat Wilf, a member of Israel’s Knesset until 2013, is interviewed by Seffi Kogen of AJC. When serving in the Knesset, Dr. Wilf was a member of the Labor Party and the Independence Party. In the interview, Wilf points out:

  • The peace plan “has actually managed to put together a vast Israeli center…about 70-80% of Israeli Jews.”
  • This plan differs from past peace proposals in that it will create Palestinian sovereignty that will not threaten Israel’s security while offering a road map towards peace.
  • The plan’s most important and impressive aspect is that many Arab countries immediately embraced it even though these countries, such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, may not support all aspects of the plan.
  • Support by Arab countries signals that many are tired of “decades of Palestinian rejectionism” – They are tired of Palestinian leaders rejecting peace.
  • The “tremendous” support of these Arab countries indicate the proposal is not just an Israeli-Palestinian peace plan, but potentially a future Israel-Arab peace plan. This plan, a road-map, could easily bring Israel closer to its Middle Eastern neighbors, and bring impactful prosperity to the entire neighborhood.
  • “It parts with the dynamic at play for over two decades where the the Palestinians get increasingly better offers, including unrealistically overly-generous offers, by simply saying “NO”. This offer requires them to participate and receive a path to prosperity, or languish by default.

Listen here for the full interview, which brings so much more to hear about this important conversation.

Voice4Israel notes that the BBC and many other news outlets are reporting that on Monday of this week Israel’s Prime Minister met with Sudan’s military leader towards the historic normalization of relations between these two countries. The new peace plan may already be leading to better relations between Israel and its neighbors. 

Voice4Israel hopes that the Palestinian leadership joins many of their Arab neighbors in viewing this plan as a way forward towards peace. The United Arab Emirates views the peace plan as an “important starting point for a return to negotiations.”

Voice4Israel hopes to explore other aspects and views related to the White House Peace Proposal in the coming weeks. Keep tuned.

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