Daniel Gordis: The Treason of Peter Beinart

Daniel Gordis
Rabbi Daniel Gordis

Rabbi Daniel Gordis Refutes Beinart

Peter Beinart recently wrote a column in the New York Times calling for the end of Israel as a Jewish state. Our friend Rabbi Daniel Gordis has taken to various media platforms to explain why Beinart’s argument is treasonous to the Jewish people.

In his detailed column End the Jewish State? Let’s try some honesty, first, Rabbi Gordis concludes:

“Peter Beinart believes that because we cannot get the Palestinians to recognize our right to a state, we should knock over our proverbial king and give up the project. We believe that while we wait for the Palestinians to want a future more than they want revenge, we should build this society and the Jewish cultural, intellectual, religious and historical revival it makes possible. My bet is that Israelis will continue to build the society that is the largest, culturally richest, most intellectually dynamic Jewish community anywhere in the world, and that we’ll still be at it long after Peter Beinart has been entirely forgotten.”

Watch this impressive interview with Rabbi Gordis archived on YouTube from the Jewish Broadcasting Service.

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