Standing with Israel in Carrboro

StandWithUs, Voice4Israel

Standing with Israel  Josh Ravitch, Amy Rosenthal, and Joel Freelander braved the heat today to bring their love of Israel to the Carrboro Farmer’s Market. They were joined by Emma and Jenny Blass. This joint venture between Voice4Israel and StandWithUs was a great success.  Josh, Amy, Joel, Emma, and Jenny spoke to college students, families, …

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Explaining Anti-Semitism and Discrimination to the Durham City Council: An Open Letter

Israel, Mark Anthony Middleton, Voice4Israel

Amy Rosenthal with Josh Ravitch Explaining Anti-Semitism and Discrimination to the Durham City Council Voice4Israel board member Amy Rosenthal sent this letter to Durham City Council member Mark-Anthony Middleton to share her concerns about the discriminatory nature of the Council’s decision to single out Israel. Read more about Durham’s anti-Israel discrimination here Hello Mr Middleton, I …

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Israel Under Fire: From Green to Black, Turning Israel to Ash

Israel under fire, Israel, arson, Voice4Israel, V4I

Israel under fire Amy Rosenthal shares her memories and pictures of a beautiful Israel landscape with our readers. “With 678 fires so far, crops burning and animals burned alive, where is the outrage?” Amy Rosenthal Israel Burns from Hamas Attacks As Israel burns from Hamas attacks, day after day for more than 100 days, why …

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Voice4Israel/StandWithUs at the Durham Farmer’s Market

Our local Jewish community has been jolted by recent episodes of anti-Semitism, but through our strong presence at the StandWithUs/Voice4Israel farmers market booth, we’re showing that we are an integral and vibrant part of the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill community. We will be at the Durham Farmer’s Market, 501 Foster St, Durham, North Carolina 27701, from 8AM-12 …

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