We are all connected. One fabric of pieces quilted together.

Ari Fuld, Israel

This lovely remembrance was sent to us from a dear friend in Israel who knew Ari Fuld well. 


I am shattered by tragic loss of life. It hurts hardest when it’s close to home. And today, I am reeling in the loss, very close to me.

Ari Fuld, my friend, was killed today in stabbing in Gush Etzion.

He was alumnus of my yeshiva, Yeshivat Hakotel, we we’re colleagues on staff at Yeshiva Netiv Aryeh. 

He was an expert in martial arts and taught self defense, he was armed with a pistol he relished never using it, he gave selfless love to individual friends and students, and he was proud strong voice for the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

Most importantly, he was a married father of 4 – and took great pride in his personal life. He was a teddy bear with a lion heart (his name “Ari”).

His father was my principal in elementary school.
His brother is also a friend of mine (@Hillel Fuld)

Tonight I will join thousands, burying his body in Kfar Etzion 11:30pm.

We are all connected. One fabric of pieces quilted together. 

After being fatally stabbed, Ari still fought to save lives, drawing his weapon (which he hoped would never be drawn) and fired shots to immobilize the terrorist attacker, preventing further carnage, before succumbing to his own wound.

As we mourn losing Ari, we can do what he would have love, connect to our core, our essense or interconnected Jewish souls. And at another level, interconnected humanity, and planetary existence.

It’s not kumbaya. It’s deep strong, proud, unapologetic, Jewish identity and purpose.

We are all connected. One fabric of pieces quilted together.

Voice4Israel would like to thank our anonymous friend in Israel for this lovely remembrance. Also read Ari Fuld: May his memory be a blessing published earlier today. 

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