Help Keep Voice4Israel Thriving by Donating Today!

Help Keep Voice4Israel Thriving by Donating Today!

Voice4Israel of North Carolina is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization promoting solidarity with Israel through education and advocacy. We are 650 members strong and growing. We are proud to be an entirely volunteer organization without a single paid employee.

We are thrilled to announce that Voice4Israel has received a $2,000 matching fund donation from a generous supporter. This means that every dollar you donate by December 31 will be matched (up to a total of $2,000).

Please make your tax deductible donation today to Voice4Israel by clicking here so we may continue to thrive and continue to offer our highly acclaimed programming, advocacy, and web presence.

Listed below are a few of the programs Voice4Israel presented in 2019:

  • Red States, Blue States, and the Jewish State (with Jerusalem Post Editor Gil Hoffman)
  • The New Antisemitism: Hate on the American Campus and in our Communities (with Miriam Elman, CEO, Academic Engagement Network)
  • How to Talk to Your Children and Grandchildren about Israel (panels in Durham and Raleigh)
  • Family Events (Purim parties, Shavu’ot contest, and Labor Day BBQ)
  • Israeli Chat & Chew for Local Teens in the Jewish Community
  • Weekly Hebrew Practice Meetup “Classes”

During the past few years, Voice4Israel has taken a local leadership role in advocating for Israel and alerting local residents to issues critical to our Jewish community. For example, just recently Voice4Israel alerted our community that the Chapel Hill Schools were again considering to hold public school on some Saturdays (during the Jewish sabbath). Our quick and robust advocacy led to this option being promptly withdrawn.

Please donate today by clicking here to keep Voice4Israel thriving! (If you have any difficulty making a donation, please contact us at and we are happy to assist.)

Or send check to POB 9231, Chapel Hill, NC 27515

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