Israeli Songs of the Summer at Camp Shelanu

Shelly Rocca, Israel. Voice4Israel

Shelly Roccah – Dance Counselor at Camp Shelanu

Shelly Roccah is the dance instructor at Camp Shelanu. Ms. Roccah is 21 years old,  was born in Ramat Gan, Israel, and has been dancing since she was 3 years old. Ms. Roccah has practiced modern dancing and Balinese dancing, but her favorite style is Hiphop. Shelly shares, “I’m really happy that I got to teach dance at Camp Shelanu in Durham, NC.”

Happy Campers

Roccah has inspired many children and their parents this summer to explore Israeli dance and music. One happy parent tells Voice4Israel,

"My children jump into the car every day at pick-up talking about Ms. Shelly and begging to listen to their new favorite Israeli song. Once I find the song on YouTube, my children proceed to dance every step Ms. Shelly has taught them from their car seats. Because of Ms. Shelly, my children are exploring more Israeli songs they find on their own. The song of our summer has been "Tudo Bom" and several remixes of it we have found all thanks to Ms. Shelly."

Israeli Songs of the Summer of Camp Shelanu

Ms. Roccah was asked to share with Voice4Israel readers five of her favorite Israeli songs that she has been using with the campers at Camp Shelanu. 

Shelly: ”Zahav”- by Static and Ben El – preformed by Israel’s most famous duo. The name of the song means gold.

Editor’s note: The Times of Israel reports that Pop duo Static & Ben El sign with major US record label.

Shelly: “Todu Nom” is another hit by Static and Ben El. This song became specially famous in Brazil, since the name of it is in Brazilian. Tudo Bom means- everything is all right.

Editor’s note: My children love this song and the Mor David Remix of it we found. 

Shelly: “Tel Aviv” by Omer Adam- preformed by Israel’s most famous singer, who won the “best singer of 2018 “ award.

Editor’s note: If you see a car on 15-501 rocking up and down with happy children in the back seat, this song is likely to be playing.

Shelly: “Golden Boy”- by Nadav Gedj – this song represented Israel in the 2015 Eurovision contest.

Editor’s note: At a recent sleepover of Camp Shelanu campers, this song was on repeat with the children working together to get their choreographed dance moves just right. 

Shelly: “Tazizo” by Eden Ben Zaken. Eden Ben Zaken was a contestant in Israel’s X Factor.

Editor’s note: This song is listed last, but is certainly not least. This song has been on repeat all summer long in the car.  

Camp Shelua is located in Durham, NC and welcomes everyone with joy. Camp Shelanu is inclusive of all faiths and backgrounds and is proud of their diverse community. For more more information about Camp Shelanu, click here

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